Demigods of Pendilor (The Lost Soul) - Book 1

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Strap yourself in for the new blockbuster DemiGod series by Lawrence E. Jayaraj.

The Sun God Suriyar has two children with mortal Ourania; Assyri, a daughter, and Bolara, a son. As demigods, they have unique powers, and as royalty, they are positioned for greatness.
Family dynamics are tested and boil over, as older daughter Assyri ascends the throne. Furious that his sister is in charge, Bolara plots to overthrow her and rule as a tyrant. 

Queen Assyri’s two children must learn to hone their abilities to combat the evil that is at hand, and in doing so, become sworn enemies of their own cousins, Bolara’s children, who have been taught to use their powers for ruthless domination, by the mighty General Thamios. 

A powerful story of betrayal, violence, passion, and finding one’s inner strength, with epic battles involving Dragons, Tolverines (a wolf like creature the size of an elephant), Lawky’s (a mystical bird with healing properties), and highly skilled demigods, with uncanny abilities.

The stakes are high, and the action is compelling.

The DemiGods of Pendilor are about to collide!